Prompter Magazine is dedicated to helping artists, designers and all creative professionals future-proof their career by mastering generative AI and the art of prompt engineering.

We examine different visual expression principles as we break down artistic techniques, styles and trends into practical keyword explorations and next-level render examples for beginners, pros and everyone in between + useful tips and tricks to keep your prompt skills sharp.

What is the Keyword Prompt Method?

The Keyword Prompt Method is how Prompter Mag breaks down visual expression concepts, techniques and styles.

The Keyword Prompt Method is also an effective short path to learning style-specific terminology and developing the technical vernacular and verbal know-how, in order to accurately express your creative ideas in text2image prompt engineering through any AI image generator.

How do I put the Keyword Prompt Method to use?

Each week we’ll break down 5 new techniques into 5 sections:

A short, memorable explainer statement that quickly introduces each style.

The tried and tested text2image prompt keywords that best represent the technique. Mix them in whatever way you see fit according to your subject. Our favorite results usually come from using one or two keywords in long-form/story prompts, or using all or most of them in tag-style prompts.

A list of the key features to help you deepen your knowledge and understanding of the visual cues from each particular style.

A brief historical reference point to add context and background.

Influential figures who can represent the technique. If you’re not familiar, look them up to get a feel for their work. Once you understand their style and have gained a respect for them as an artist, try using “[their name]-inspired” as part of your written prompt to get a responsible, and exemplary, result.

Stay ahead with Prompter Mag and the Keyword Prompt Method 🦾

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